Vaccine Updates and Volunteering

Laurence and Claudia The Covid-19 pandemic has been (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime experience. My heart goes out to countries that are still suffering, but I’m super encouraged by the progress we have made in the USA.

I have been volunteering regularly at vaccination clinics, and it’s been a privilege to be a part of the solution. I wanted to share some stats that I got from Seattle city today in a Thank you note!

About 76% of our eligible population has had one vaccine, with 60% being fully vaccinated, so we’re approaching ‘herd’ immunity, and Seattle may fully re-open sooner than previously expected.

The vaccination clinic at Lumen field (home of the Seattle Seahawks) administered over 97,000 vaccinations, and people of color were approximately 40% of those served.

The mass clinics are closing down in the middle of June, and the strategy will change to smaller, localized ones.

If you haven’t had your shot(s), please get them. The sooner we are all immunized, the sooner we are safe and can move on.

My last volunteering day was on Tuesday. Here’s a picture with my daughter!