The Famous $19 Apple Cleaning Cloth

So I took the plunge and bought one of the famous $19 Cleaning Cloths from Apple.

This much maligned and lampooned cloth is actually quite nice. Let’s take a look.

It arrives in letterbox packaging like this.

Cloth package

Apple makes great products, and they fully understand that the packaging is part of the experience. If you’ve ever spent time in Asia, it’s a very asian thing. Your moments of delight start right at the first glance and touch on the product. That’s what they’ve done here. It feels nice and sturdy. It has a pull tag at the bottom that’s labeled with a little green arrow that you can peel to open the package.

You tear and unfold to see this. Simple. Elegant. Almost cute.

First look at the cloth

Remove the cloth and you’ll see that the cloth is folded in half, and is roughly square in shape. It has a very nice embossed monogram.


Here’s a closer look at the monogram and the cloth itself. It’s much sturdier than I originally thought, and I can so see myself using this to clean my MacBook pro.

Monogram Closeup

Now people might mock spending $19 on a cloth, and if it were just a cloth, I might agree. To be fair, it’s a super premium one, and instead of paying 10x what you should pay, it’s probably more like 2x.

I kinda like it.

But, the compatibility list online is definitely worth a little mockery!

You can find the cloth here – and be sure to check the compatibility list to see if the cloth will work for you! For example, it won’t work on my 2011 iMac. But enquiring minds want to know – if I try to clean it with this cloth, will it break the cloth, or will it break the iMac???