The Beatles Now and Then - made possible by AI

The Final Beatles Song

Now and then is a beautiful song, and it will be the last song from the Beatles. Made possible by AI extracting audio of old recording sessions to access content such as John Lennon’s voice, it’s an epic and beautiful recording.

And it’s particularly poignant when you listen to the lyrics “Now and then, I miss you, I want you to be there for me”

Work on the track started in February 1995 as part of the Beatles anthology project, but it had to halt because of the technological challenges in extracting John’s voice from a tape recording from 20 years earlier. It looked like it wouldn’t be possible.

Then, enter Peter Jackson, of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fame, who figured out how to uncouple John’s vocal from background sound. It’s musical archaeology in action.

And it’s a beautiful and fitting song!

Listen to it here: