From Blog to Video with Veed

A case study in turning a blog post into a video…

A few days back, I wrote this blog post, covering a passion of mine – how AI can be used to change things that we use every day, and while so doing, improving costs, efficiency, and reducing waste, giving an overall positive impact on society and environment.

And then I turned it into a video like this! It took about an hour of tweaking, and maybe $10 worth of my subscription credits to create this:

This was achieved using a service caled VEED, that I discovered via their ChatGPT plugin called ‘Video GPT by VEED’. And while I didn’t use that tool to create this video, it struck my that by creating that custom GPT, they improved their discovery, and won me as a customer.

VEED gives you an in-browser video creation and editing tool with all the basic bells and whistles you’d expect like a timeline editor.

Veed Editor in action

Where it shines is in its use of AI to provide services above and beyond. Some examples of this are

  • The AI-Generated Avatar. The news reader in the above video is entirely AI generated – or at least her lip sync is!
  • Automated subtitles, including emphasis words
  • And my current favorite – translation!

Explore them here in Cantonese and Japanese:

Overall, this can be a terrific tool to help bloggers and content creators to extend their reach.

It’s not perfect – occasionally creating the AI avatar crashes, but still uses up some of your minutes (I have 60 in my annual subscription, and after creating this video, I have 56 left) – and the transitions can be awkward if you created multiple AI avatar snippets.

On the whole, it’s fun, though! And I’d thoroughly recommend trying it out. I’m going to create more stuff, including trying something that clones my own voice!