My next book - AI and ML for On-Device Developers

My passion at the moment is cross-platform mobile development, and enabling developers to create Machine Learning applications that run on Android or iOS. With that in mind, my next book due in September is about exactly that! From the publisher: AI is nothing without somewhere to run it. Now that mobile devices have become the primary computi...

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Artificial Intelligence for Anyone - Part One

Part One: What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the single most overhyped area of technology I have ever encountered. The amount of misinformation and confusion around AI is staggering, so it’s the purpose of this set of tutorials to explain not just what AI is but also what it isn’t. You can ask ten technologists wha...

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Machine Learning for anomaly detection

At Google IO this year, I had many activities, one of which was to teach a workshop in anomaly detection. It uses a novel approach – by training an encoder-decoder architecture with electrocardiogram (EKG) values and exploring the reconstruction error. The logic was that when an autoencoder model gets trained on only good EKG values, then the r...

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