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I enjoy writing, and am delighted to have written many books, including several best-sellers. While I’m probably best known for my programming books, I’ve also authored several popular Science Ficiton novels (which earned me membership to the Science Fiction Writers of America), comic books, and even a produced TV show! Here’s a list of what I’ve worked on.

Programming Books

2021 AI and Machine Learning for On-Device Developers (O’Reilly)

2020 AI and Machine Learning for Coders (O’Reilly)

2017 The Definitive Guide to Firebase (APress)

2011 Introducing WebMatrix (Microsoft Press)

2010 Microsoft Silverlight 4 - Step by Step (Microsoft Press)

2009 Introducing Windows 7 for Developers (Microsoft Press)

2009 Introducing Silverlight 3 (Microsoft Press)

2009 Introducing Silverlight 2 (Microsoft Press)

2008 Beginning Web Development (APress)

2007 Introducing Silverlight 2 (Microsoft Press)

2007 Programming Web.NEXT (Microsoft Press)

2007 Foundations of ASP.NET AJAX (APress)

2006 Foundations of WPF (APress)

2006 Foundations of Atlas (APress)

2005 Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in VB 2005 - Special Edition (APress)

2005 Java EE and .NET Interoperability (Springer)

2005 Pro ASP.NET 1.1 in VB.NET (APress)

2004 Expert Web Services in the .NET Platform (APress)


2016 Transhuman - The Deconstruction of Hu Ying Chao (Destiny Press)

2015 Space Cadets (Booktrope Editions)

The Legend of the Locust Trilogy

2012 Book 3: The Legend of the Locust (Destiny Press)

2010 Book 2: The Million Year Journey (Destiny Press)

2009 Book 1: The Fourth World (Destiny Press)

Comic Books

2017 Equilibrium: Deconstruction (American Mythology)

2017 Stargate Universe: Icarus (American Mythology / MGM)

  • Issue 1. The Xi’an Gambit Script
  • Issue 2. Centripetal Acceleration Script
  • Issue 3. Infiltration Script
  • Issue 4. Isotopes
  • Issue 5. Project Icarus Part 1
  • Issue 6. Project Icarus Part 2

TV Shows

2013 Untethered TV Show Pilot Episode (The Ties that Bind)